Netizens cheer for Goo Hye Sun after gaining weight due to emotional distress

Goo Hye Sun, explain why she’s been gaining weight lately.

Goo Hye Sun posted on Instagram on September 30th, saying, “I gained a bit of weight because I was going through some things. I’ll come to ‘2022 Busan International Film Festival’ restored. See you at the Busan International Film Festival in 2022“, and she posted a few photos.

As a member of the jury for the 27th Chunsa International Film Festival, Goo Hye Sun attended the opening ceremony.

In her photos, she was wearing a black hat and a two-piece outfit. People noticed that she had gained enough weight to make her clothes look smaller than they used to.

In the post, Netizens cheered, saying:

I’ll cheer for her to be physically and mentally healthy. I enjoy whatever she looks like.

If anyone has a hard time, it’s natural. Don’t worry.

She’s pretty, and she looks like a baby because she’s fat.

Even though I don’t really like Goo Hye Sun , who cares if she gets fat? She is still beautiful. If you look at Park Min Young‘s YouTube comments now, they all say that she lost too much weight and now looks like an old lady. Seriously, all of you should just look in the mirror.

She looks the same, so I don’t think she had surgery. But her clothes are horrible.

She’s cute and pretty… You guys should stop writing hateful comments and take a look in the mirror. Your lives must be so crap.

She kinda looks like a doll? She’s a dress form.

This shows me that celebrities really are famous after all. She must have been under a lot of stress, though, to gain that much weight.

I don’t think we can tell she gained that much weight because her arms still look skinny under those clothes.

But she’s pretty, right? Why are people talking about how she changed all of a sudden and lying about it?

But really, pretty kids who gain weight still look pretty.

She’s very pretty.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun will be attending the “2022 Busan International Film Festival” on October 5th and 6th.



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