TWICE’s Momo Makes Her Fans Go Crazy Over Her “Hourglass “Like Body During The ‘Talk That Talk’ Challenge

TWICE‘s Momo is the group’s main dancer, and has been known for both her incredible dancing skills as well as for her insane body line!

On September 29, a post about Momo began trending on instiz‘ community board under the title, “MOMO’S BODY IS OUT OF THIS WORLD“.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

I really, really want her beautiful body. She really is my dream girl.

Her body shape is weird.

Momo has it all…

She really is my ideal… But I don’t have anything in common with her.

Her video of her dancing is really cool…

Really, she looks so fit that I’m envious

I think that she has the best body of all the female idols.

I was surprised to see this.

I also think Momo’s body is too beautiful, but you should have just cut out Momo… Why would you say she is unbeatable and post a picture of her with all the other members?

Even the guy next to her, Dahyun, has a good body.

What are your thoughts on this?



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