Starship Entertainment Under Fire For Its Treatment Of IVE Jang Won Young

On September 29, a netizen posted the timeline of activities that Jang Won Young did this week.

The netizen who posted said, “She spent that day’s night in Paris after visiting Yonsei Akaraka.
She traveled to Paris, attended Fred’s event, and as soon as it was over, returned to Korea (it was also a long flight)“.

The netizen then added, “She just attended the festival at Chungnam Chungbuk National University.)
She attended a lot of festivals and events prior to then.”

“She has five hours of live Mubank filming today in addition to her five-hour MC special stage filming, as well as appearances at the AJOU and Sungkyunkwan university festivals (the exact time for those appearances has not yet been determined).” the netizen explained.

Finally, the netizen said, “The following day she will do fansign event. After that, she has returned to Paris for the Miu Miu event. Fans appreciate that she is receiving all of these opportunities, but ask that you also allow her time to relax.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Really, I gasp every time I see idols’ schedules.

She must be having a hard time, but she keeps a smile on her face through all of her events.

Wow, she starts filming in the middle of the night and has to go to two festivals today. Her schedule must be very exhausting. It’s cool that she’s smiling through all of this.

They are sending her to Paris like it’s a trip to Busan.

Once you’re a model for a brand’s events, you shouldn’t miss any of them. I’d rather she skip the family event and let the other family members handle it. People will understand if someone has to miss a family event because they have to go to another one. This plan is way too tight.

I’m sure she can handle it because she’s still young, but I’m not sure if she needs to go to all those Paris events.

Starship’s music is way too harsh. I don’t think they should be in a hurry to make more money because all of their digital albums hit daebak and made them good money. Why would they force her to go to so many different things? I hope Wonyoung stays healthy and keeps promoting for a long time.

Wonyoung is still very young, but she needs to take care of her body while she’s on tour. I’m watching her with the heart of a grandma.

Do they think Paris is just around the corner? Cut it out already, or they’ll destroy her body.

She’s still a kid, right? Please… They must think it’s nice because she works so hard, but her guardian (agency) shouldn’t let this go. This is very bad.

What are your thoughts on this?



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