Kim Do Yeon To Star In A New Romance Drama Based On A Webtoon

Singer and actress Kim Do Yeon will appear in the new drama ‘Lee Hee-soo in Class 2’.

As a result of today’s (30th) YTN Star coverage, Kim Do Yeon was cast as the lead role in the new OTT drama ‘Lee Hee-soo in Class 2’. 

‘Lee Hee-soo in Class 2’ is a drama based on a webtoon of the same name, and Kim Do Yeon takes on the role of ‘Choi Ji-yu’, a cheerful and bright personality in the play.

“Lee Hee-soo in 2nd Class” is a youthful romance that depicts the friendship between Hee-soo’s first love and deep friendship, an ordinary 18-year-old boy who seems to live next door to her, but who has a secret he has not told anyone.

The original webtoon was serialized in Lezhin Comics from November 2017 to 2019, and at the time of serialization, it received favorable reviews for expressing the daily life of fresh teenagers, so expectations for the drama are high.

Kim Do Yeon made her debut as a member of the girl group ‘Weki Meki‘, and has been active as an actress with her outstanding visuals and stable acting skills. 

On the other hand, ‘Lee Hee-soo Lee’ is discussing OTT programming, and the release date has not been decided. It was produced by the production company, Film K, and directed by Park Kyung-min.



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