Netizens dig up “revealing” photos of Wonho after noticing a rise in his popularity among the gay community

Once again, Wonho‘s revealing Instagram photos are being talked about a lot online

On September 29, a netizen posted the following photos on Nate‘s community message board Pann with the title “Why is Wonho doing something like this?

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “He posts a lot of photos that show off his lower body. Why is he like this?“.

The post is now the second most talked about thing on Pann, and people are making guesses about why Wonho posted it.

Netizens commented:

Those who know, know.

I want to know why he acts this way.

Don’t even look at it. Why do you keep them and post them this way?

What’s the problem? They’re good.

Some Netizens also said that Wonho was making music for gay people.

I don’t know if this is something women would like, but gay men would like these muscles.

Why is Wonho doing this if he isn’t gay?

What do you think of the photos that Wonho took?



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