Here’s A Sneak Peak Of Song Jia’s New Home

YouTuber Free Zia revealed the new house she moved into.

On September 27th, Free Zia posted on the YouTube channel ‘Freesia’, ‘LAN selections. Come to our new house to play’.

In the video, Free Zia revealed her new home. Free Zia said, “If you go through the hallway, there is a master room.”

Showing the cute rabbit light, she said, “I bought it at a department store in Busan. Actually, it doesn’t turn on. I turned it on for a while to show it.”

Showing the scenery outside the window, she said, “I used to live in the view of the Han River. I moved here because the view of the natural forest was better than the river.”

A photo spot in front of the bed was also released. Free Zia said, “I wanted to take pictures, so I made a photo spot. I moved in April, but I still haven’t been able to take pictures.”

She continued, “I have my bathroom in the master room. I take a shower and wash my face. The mirror is large and there are two sinks. There is a window so I can brush my teeth while breathing in the morning air. I can check the weather. The bathtub is also slightly triangular. I originally used a white towel, but it got too dirty, so I bought a pink towel.”

Pointing to the bathroom mirror, she said, “I think it’s important to take good pictures. When I first saw the house, I took selfies everywhere.

The living room was also very spacious. Free Zia said, “In the house, I used to live in, the living room was small. I live alone and my luggage is full. There is a two-story sofa to live alone.

She continued, “This house is over 70 pyeong. At first, my parents were upset. They said I live in such a house by myself. I was going to put an armchair because of the two-much sofa, but I bought it because my eyes lit up when I saw the red sofa.”

The made-up makeup table was also unveiled. Free Zia said, “It’s a dressing table that women will be delighted with. It’s the place I put the most effort into in my house. It’s a perfect photo spot. That’s why I really want to try makeup content.”

There was also a terrace. Free Zia said, “Before I moved in, I wanted to live in a house with a terrace. But it doesn’t come out well.”

Free Zia put the YouTube gold button on the fireplace in the living room to finish the LAN collection.



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