Netizens say Nana’s controversial tattoos might make it harder for her to get acting jobs in the future

Nana, a former member of the girl group After School, recently talked about her tattoos, which have caught the attention of the whole country.

On September 27, the idol-turned-actress star went to a press conference for her new Netflix show, “Glitch“. The actress’s co-star Jeon Yeo Bin and the director Roh Duk were also there.

The actress recently went viral when she showed up at a different press conference covered in tattoos. Since then, fans have been trying to figure out if her tattoos were real or not.

The actress said that the tattoos she had were for her role in the drama. Nana said, “Bora, the main character in my book, has a lot of tattoos, and I wanted each one to mean something. So, I chose each tattoo by hand after giving it a lot of thought “.

Nana dodged the question of whether or not her tattoos were real. Nana added, “Bora isn’t the only reason why I have these tattoos. I’ve always wanted to get these tattoos. If I have the chance in the future, I’d like to tell you why I got them or why I didn’t. I don’t know if that will happen “.

Many of Nana‘s fans loved her tattoos and praised her art, but a small number of netizens didn’t like them very much.

Some Netizens were also worried about Nana‘s career, since it might be hard for her to get a part in a drama.

Netizens commented:

Oh, I thought it was because of her role. It doesn’t look like that was the case.

She is free to do what she wants. The tattoos match her

To be honest, they look messy.

Oh, she’s great.

They will be hard to hide, but since it’s her own decision, who cares? I just hope she covers the big ones on TV.

If she wanted to get them, she knows the consequences. Because she has tattoos, she can tell if a door will open or close.

If she doesn’t fit the role because of her tattoos, they won’t cast her so who cares?

Oh, but if her tattoos don’t fit her role as an actress, they’ll have to cover them up all the time.

If they are problematic for the filming, they’ll just cover them up.

She should do whatever she wants to do.

Are you a fan of her tattoos?



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