Netizens think NMIXX will not be able to attend large-scale events this year

Due to NMIXX failed comeback. Many fans worried about the possibility that NMIXX will not get invited with this years large-scale events.

“I like NMIXX because of their mix pop sound, but I don’t think they’ll be able to go to big festivals like the one at Yonsei University”.

The main reason they gave is that they are a MIX Pop concept, and it will be hard to promote them because it takes time for someone to digest the song in just first listen.

“People say that if you listen to their songs five times, you’ll get hooked on them, but people who go to big events usually just listen to the songs that are on the charts and never listen to the same song five times in a row”.

They also said that their dance moves are hard to follow and that people can’t sing along with the high note parts.

“Also, their dances are too hard, making it hard for them to have fun with the audience while still being able to breathe. They need easy parts that people can sing along with, but their performances are too hard and there’s no “killing point” that people can do with them”.

The most annoying part for them is that NMIXX is stock on their concept because of their name.

“It’s really annoying because, even if they wanted to change their style, they can’t because they have to keep the NMIXX name”.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments and shared their opinions:

The girl group version of NCT.

I think you have a very narrow view of them. Their songs are good, and there are already a lot of big-time singers who use the mix pop style.

But it’s a different story if they play live. The kids can sing and dance so well, and their song “Cool” is so f*cking good. The kids’ responses are low because they are “mixed pop.”

Are you writing comments by yourself?

If you see them dance and show off their skills in person, it will be a totally different story.

Wow, but the names of both groups start with a “N.” NCT and NMIXX. The people who make music that is hard to do.

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