Netizens discuss the reasons why OH MY GIRL’s Arin isn’t as popular as she used to be

Netizens have talked about why they think OH MY GIRL‘s Arin isn’t as popular as she used to be.

When OH MY GIRL came in second place in “Queendom S1,” their first comeback song, “Nonstop,” along with “Dolphin,” went viral and helped them become a big 3rd Generation girl group again.

Netizens were impressed and said that OH MY GIRL really was talented and should get more attention. Because of this, the public also paid attention to the other members of the group, especially Arin.

Arin got a lot of offers to be in commercials, to be the host of music shows, and even to be in a drama. But contrary to what people thought, netizens have noticed that Arin‘s charm is fading over time. The public is also losing interest in other members of the group, and netizens can’t help but blame their agency.

This year, OH MY GIRL’s comeback results were even surpassed by 4th generation rookie girl groups.

On September 25, a post about OH MY GIRL‘s Arin began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “WHY DID ARIN EXPIRE SO QUICKLY?“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “There is no more news about her, and after Alchemy of Souls, she just faded away. It seems that all the attention she got from MCing on Music Bank was carried by Soobin“.

In addition to the opinion that Arin is losing popularity, many netizens also shared their thoughts on why OH MY GIRL is losing its reputation:

I think Oh My Girl has lost its media buzz because the company doesn’t do a good job of taking care of them.

Even though she has been working on Alchemy of Souls for so long, it didn’t get much attention. Most of the time, when you shoot a drama for a long time, you should also be promoting other things. But Arin didn’t have anything else to promote, so she’s been shooting her drama for a whole year. You could say that OH MY GIRL doesn’t have much of a buzz, but Hyojung, Seunghee, and Yubin are always on variety shows, and Mimi did so well this year on her own variety shows. YooA hasn’t been promoted by herself, but she keeps getting CFs. The other members are doing fine, but she was stuck shooting for Alchemy of Souls for way too long.

Because Arin was the MC, Music Bank didn’t get more views. They were daebak because they were both MCs, their faces looked good together, and they worked well together. Soobin was the hottest thing at the time, and he was a new male idol from a big company. OH MY GIRL had just hit daebak, so it was the perfect time. Aside from her time at Music Bank, Arin has always been one of the members with the fewest individual promotions. The only thing that was really hot was Akong.

She spent a year making Alchemy of Souls, but it didn’t do very well. To make matters worse, she only played a small part in it. The other time she got a raise was when she was part of a group. She can’t do many different things, so the unnie always gets more gigs than her. Her individual and group promotions only happened because the group did well, but in the end, OH MY GIRL‘s comeback and Arin’s drama got a lot of attention. For Arin‘s career to go far in the long run, she needs either OH MY GIRL to do well with their next work or for her acting to get noticed. When she was MCing for Music Bank, she was very popular, but it was all because of her partner.

I like Arin because she gives a lot of money to charity, but if she wants to be successful in the long run, she needs to work on her singing, acting, and MC skills more. She has been filming her drama for a long time, but if she wants to do well with her OSTs, radio shows, variety shows, etc., she needs to work on her skills and get more attention first. If not, she needs to choose her works with a very sharp eye. Even if Akong did win, it wasn’t because of her own skills; it was because of the male MC and how well they worked together.

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