WINNER Song Min Ho Express Sadness Caused By ITZY And Zico, Here’s Why

 In  “Look At My Shoulder, It’s Dislocated” (literal translation), group WINNER Song Min Ho expressed his sadness for his junior ITZY.

ITZY Yeji and Lia appeared as guests on the cable channel tvN’s“Look At My Shoulder, It’s Dislocated (literal translation), which aired on the afternoon of September 23rd.

 After the main broadcast, the full version was released on the YouTube channel ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’.

On this day, Song Min Ho revealed an anecdote of his sudden sadness, saying, “Itzy and Zico filmed a social media challenge video, but they didn’t film it with me. We had overlapping activities, and even though we filmed all the cast members who appeared on the music show that day, we didn’t film it with us.”

ITZY explained, “We’re really sorry about that. We didn’t take a break until the rehearsal, but it was because the time didn’t fit even though I was filming.”

Song Min Ho explained, “It has become a natural practice to film each other’s choreography collaboration challenge video for social media when we go to music shows these days.”



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