Who Is More Like A Head-Turner In This Hot Pink Dress: Son Ye Jin vs. Hwasa

The same clothes have a different feel. Who is prettier?

If Son Ye-jin is luxurious and elegant, Hwasa is sexy and chic.

Son Ye-jin went out with hot pink in a fashion pictorial in August.

After announcing the news of her pregnancy, she drew a lot of attention because it was a photo shoot for the first time in a long time. 

While revealing her beautiful shoulder line and clavicle line, it is said that she maximized her elegant yet feminine charm. 

Gorgeous jewelery details combined with her elegance reached the pinnacle of her luxury fashion.

Meanwhile, Hwasa recently showed off this outfit at the Pink PP Collection event, a fashion brand global launch project, held at the Seoul Wave Art Center in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

The off-shoulder hot pink dress that exposes her shoulders is digested with Hwasa’s unique sexy look. Hot pink stockings and nails were dyed pink to show off a true ‘all pink’.

In particular, with the night view in the background, Hwasa is said to have focused on a modern and provocative feeling even in the same clothes with her unique provocative eyes.

Fans who saw this photo responded, “Even the same clothes can be so different”, “Elegant luxury and sexy charisma, each with different charms.”


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