Lee Chan Won Who Suddenly Shared That He Used To Make Gimbap For Her Ex-Girlfriend Left Everyone In Shock

Trot singer Lee Chan Won mentioned his ex-girlfriend.

On the afternoon of September 23rd, in KBS2’s ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Pyeonstorang’), Lee Chan Won cooked rice for 17 people, then grilled pork belly and made leek kimchi.

Next, Lee Chan Won, who skillfully wrapped leek pork belly Gimbap without his feet, said to himself, “I used to give her girlfriend a lot in the past.”

Kim Bo Min, who was watching this in the studio, was surprised by saying, “Did you give your girlfriend a lot of money?”

Then, Kim Bo Min said, “Because it’s an old story”, and Gangnam and Hyojung also agreed with “Because it’s an old story” and “I’m 27 years old.” And Chan-won Lee showed a shy look, which made everyone laugh.

Soon after, Lee Chan Won, who wrapped 28 rows of gimbap, made 5 liters of sikhye and steamed bracken ribs, headed to the party room prepared in advance.

He added, “On September 20, my friend Yoon-seong, whom I love and depend on so much, is enlisting in the military. So I came here because I wanted to feed Yun-seong’s favorite food with my own hands before going to the army.”

On the other hand, ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’ reveals a deadly menu that is not worth eating alone by the famous ‘taste. 

Among them, the menu that won through the evaluation of the menu evaluation team is a new concept convenience store survival program that is actually released at convenience stores across the country the day after the broadcast.



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