Netizens were charmed by EXO’s Kai’s suave appearance at the Yves Saint Laurent Event in Paris

At the Yves Saint Laurent event in Paris, EXO’s Kai looked as stylish as ever.

On September 21, a post called “Kai’s Face for YVES SAINT-LAURENT” went viral on Nate‘s community board.

Along with the photos, the person who wrote the post said, “He was also an ambassador at the YSL Libre event at the beginning of September.

In the photos, the EXO member looked sharp in an elegant all-black outfit. Kai has been a model for YSL Beauty, the luxury brand’s cosmetics company, for a while, so it’s not surprising to see him at the launch of the perfume.

Kai was invited to the launch of the “Libre” perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, along with K-Pop stars like Stray Kids’ Felix and Hyunjin. At a recent show in Paris, Kai once again stole the show with his unreal looks, which got him a lot of attention.

Kai is well-known for his love of fashion, so it’s no surprise that he looked like the main character and walked like a model.

In the meantime, other Netizens quickly replied with comments like:

His face and special vibe are killing it.

The lipstick pictorial is now out. Kai just looks like the lipstick itself.

Wow, I can only see Kai’s face.

Interesting. He looks like Gucci when he shoots for Gucci, like YSL when he shoots for YSL, like Black Yak when he shoots for Black Yak, and like Olive Young when he shoots for Olive Young. Kai has a pretty sharp face and a clear image, so I didn’t think he’d be able to pull off different looks. But he does.

He’s strong in a quiet way.

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