Do Korean celebrities look better in untouched pictures/videos?

Part of Korean celebrities daily life are the numerous shots taken of them.

While edited photos of them look regal, did these celebrities even go to the next level with these natural and unedited photos?

On September 22, a post about Korean Celebrities unedited photos/videos began trending on Teens Stories‘ community board under the title, “I think this quality makes actors look even more legendary.“

The netizen who posted said, “When actresses are in these kinds of photos, they look much more famous than in those super-high-quality, highly lightened and edited photos that make their skin tone disappear”.

The netizen then added, “I’m not saying these pictures are bad, but they aren’t great either, and they haven’t been touched up much. But their faces stand out even more in these pictures.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Wow, Kim Hyesoo is really great.

Han Gain is really, really, really pretty.

No, but is Go Ara a doll? She’s pretty as hell.

It’s almost as if I’m seeing them in person.

Dior Suzyㅎㄷㄷ

Bare face, hair pulled back, third year of high school, broadcast camera, unedited, before debut, and she still looks this beautiful…

Kim Yoojung is the person I am most envious of. Her look is really well-known. I don’t care about her at all, but why do her eyes look so shiny?

What are your thoughts on this?



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