Netizens defend Jang Won Young against hate posts saying that she is manipulative to all other IVE members

Gaeul and Wonyoung who romantically selected

IVE’s content required them to divide 3 by 3. They chose groups to take the canoe or the cable car.

At first, she was picked for the canoeing team, but it was clear from the way she looked that she didn’t like it.

Liz then said she wanted to try canoeing, but she quickly took it away and changed her mind.

But are we really going in the water for the canoeing?

Yujin, on the other hand, said that the teams were the same as before, so they should switch teams again.

So the staff walked in and were again startled and shook.

She watched as the staff moved around and chose the person she wanted right away.

“But I actually want to try something romantic”
“Huh? Then swap with me”
“Ahn PD team VS Gaeul writer team”
*Eyes shaking*
*the youth feeling anxious premonition*

In the end, she chose the cable car, which was the one she liked best.

And when she picked it up, she said things like “I’m trusting my fate” and other such things.

Other netizens then commented:

*the youth feeling anxious premonition*
“I’m going to trust my fate”

I don’t think she’s trying to trick people. I think she just wants to be in charge. When things don’t go her way, she will avoid them like the plague. She probably doesn’t want to canoe because it might get her hair wet or mess up her makeup. Or she might not have wanted to do it that day… But it’s not like she’s whining or making Liz do it. She just seems to want to be in charge, so it’s a bit harsh to call her manipulative.

I watched because I was interested. But Liz said “I want to do that romantic thing,” so Wonyoung said, “Huh? Then let’s switch with me,” she said. Liz asked, “Can we switch?”” “If we can change, let’s change,” said Wonyoung. “How about this?” “I want to take the canoe,” Liz said to the staff. “Then you guys can change,” said the staff. Liz and Wonyoung were holding each other’s paddles, but it didn’t last more than a second before they switched. Wonyoung: “Thank you Liz-yah!” Liz: “I wanted to go canoeing.” What’s wrong with that?

But she only wants to do things that are easy and make her look good while she does them, which is making her less likeable. She wants to be treated like a princess, and it’s so clear

You’re trying too hard to hide your low self-esteem in this post.

She doesn’t try to trick people; she just does what’s best for herself.

“I’m going to trust my fate”



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