Netizens can’t believe how handsome ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon is despite being drenched with sweat

In real life, Park Sunghoon is really cool. How does he look so clean even though he’s sweating?

I can’t stop thinking about Park Sunghoon since I met him in person.

People always said that he looked good in real life, so I was interested.

When I met him, though, I realized that they were right: he’s really.

Other netizens then commented:

Even for the pictures in the post don’t do him justice, to be honest. I feel bad for him because it’s not fair, f*ck. If you saw Park Sunghoon in person, his face would be so small that there wouldn’t be any empty space. I went to their MuBank recording back then, and as soon as Park Sunghoon walked in, people started talking around me and asking, “What’s up with his proportions?” I was so upset because he looked so different on the monitor and on screen. His looks and aura can’t be described.

No, this is for real. ENHYPEN Sunghoon is famous in real life.

People have always liked Park Sunghoon’s visuals of real life. I do understand though…

I love him very much.

I want to see him too… f*ck

He’s pretty as hell.

What are your thoughts on this?



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