Netizens discuss how many times they played NMIXX’s new title track “DICE” before liking it

Some songs make people feel something as soon as they hear the first note.

These songs are so good that they give people goosebumps the first time they hear them, and they stay in their hearts for years.

But netizens say that NMIXX‘s song “DICE” is a bit different from their debut song “O.O”.

Many fans liked NMIXX‘s song DICE and praised it, but a small number of netizens did not like it very much.

According to them, it takes time for them to love the song. They even played it many times before they liked it.

Some people even said that the song might have seemed strange at first because it was a MIXX pop.

Other netizens also commented:

I thought I should have listened to it 5 times this time, but after hearing it 3 times, I’m already hook to it.

I can’t believe how funny this is. It seems like someone is betting on who listens more before liking it.

As soon as I heard it, I liked it.

I’ve heard it twice, and there are three more to go.

Even after hearing it 10 times, I still find it hard to like.

3 times is enough for me hahaha.

I didn’t like their song “O.O” at first, but the more I heard it, the more I wanted to hear it. This time, though, it seemed harder for their new song “DICE“.

Both songs are hard to listen to, but I like their song “O.O.” better.

I hope they also make a song about the season. Refreshing in the summer and the winter.

Meanwhile, “DICE” is an exciting song about a game of dice between the members of NMIXX and someone they don’t know.

The song is an example of NMIXX‘s “MIXX pop” style, which combines hip-hop beats with exciting big band and jazz sounds.



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