Netizens defend LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura from critics questioning her singing abilities

Netizens discuss about Sakura‘s confessions about people doubting her singing skills.

On September 18, a popular post about Sakura appeared on TheQoo‘s community board. It was titled, “LE SSERAFIM SAKURA: MULTIPLE PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME THIS. I CAN’T SING THAT “.

In the post, netizens talked about a video clip from an interview where Sakura talked about how she handles negative comments.

In the video, Sakura is trying to stop her tears by saying, “People tell me a lot that I really can’t sing. When I saw that, I felt a lot of pain. After that happened, it was hard to get into the recording studio. I wish I hadn’t been given so many parts and lines in the song since then “.

She continued by saying, “I wanted to do well, but I was worried that those things would be said to me again. I also want to work hard because I don’t want to run away anymore “.

Some netizens responded to this post by saying that Sakura’s singing has improved a lot since she joined LE SSERAFIM, while others had different thoughts.

Most of the time, netizens criticized people who posted mean comments that were too extreme.

Check out the comments translated directly below:

She kept saying that she was going to get better at both singing and dancing, so I don’t know why people were so annoyed and left bad comments.

Why would you go to the post of someone you don’t like just to curse at them? Spend that time instead reading posts from people you like.

Sakura went back to Korea and made her second debut with LE SSERAFIM. Her singing and dancing had gotten better, and she did well. While Sakura was getting things done, did those who didn’t like her get anything done at all?

Her singing and dancing do get better, and it’s clear that she’s trying. I hope she quit hurting herself.

Her dancing and singing both got a lot better, of course.

I wonder if she wants to try to become an actress…

It’s hard to admit when you’re not good at something. She really has a great mind for business.

If I were her, I probably would have said I wasn’t good enough and given up. But it’s amazing how she didn’t give up after getting hurt and kept trying.

To be an idol, you have to do more than just sing, so different people may have different standards.

People can say what they don’t like about something, but they don’t have to be mean about it.

Why do people have to say bad things as a simple passerby?

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