Netizens are mesmerized by NewJeans captivating beauty in Harper’s Bazaar

Even though NewJeans are always beautiful, their recent cover photos for Harper’s Bazaar have gone viral and left everyone speechless with how beautiful, ethereal, and elegant they look!

Harper’s Bazaar wanted to show off the stunning beauty of each member, so for their October 2022 issue, they came up with 6 different covers, 6 for each member.

Check out all 16 lovely covers of NewJeans‘s special Harper’s Bazaar October edition!

Netizens commented:

I love them so much

Wow, that’s freaking pretty.

Danielle and Minji are really pretty.

Minji is so pretty.

Too pretty, and their auras are solid.

Wow, what is up with Minji‘s aura?

Why are all the kids so beautiful?

Haerin looks great with that hairstyle.

Wow, is Danielle for real?

What’s with Danielle? Crazy.

Gasp Minji is crazy…

Meanwhile, NewJeans is a girl group introduced by ADOR, led by CEO Min Hee Jin, and finished their debut on the 28th of last month.

They swept the top spot on domestic and foreign music and album charts and created a sensation upon their debut, winning a total of 5 trophies on music shows.



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