Kang Tae Oh cut his hair for the army, and it actually looks freaking hot

Kang Tae-oh has had a lot of different hairstyles. Fans have loved all of them, but his new military haircut might be the best one yet.

Kang Tae-oh‘s hair was a bit longer and closely shaved on the side before he got a haircut, but if you thought the difference wouldn’t be that big, you’d be very wrong!

Kang Tae-oh used Instagram to show off his new look before he joined the army on September 20.

Some people don’t look good with a buzzcut, but Kang Tae-oh is a perfect example of how to pull it off.

Who knew that a buzzcut could be so ridiculously hot?

He looks like he’s well aware of how good he looks. Fans are very happy that he gave us these beautiful pictures before he left.



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