Netizens wonder why HYBE reveals the identity of the “trainee” who never got to debut with LE SSERAFIM

Because of what was in their documentary, LE SSERAFIM has become a hot topic.

On September 15, Source Music surprised everyone by saying that they will release a documentary called “The World Is My Oyster“.

This documentary will show how the new girl group LE SSERAFIM got together and grew until they finally made their debut.

In one of the episodes, there was a trainee who was supposed to make their debut with LE SSERAFIM. Netizens were surprised to see that the trainee’s name was given away in the video without any hesitation.

Her name is Haruka . Why did HYBE say her name and put her in the video? Netizens think it’s very likely that she’ll show up in I-LAND 2.

Some people thought that the trainee might be in the upcoming girl group version of I-LAND produced by Belift Lab, which is part of HYBE Labels.

Other netizens also speculated, that maybe the agency is testing the waters if the trainee will be accepted by the fans and add her in the group to replace Kim Garam.

Other netizens commented:

I hope that LE SSERAFIM doesn’t add her as a new member. Her vibe doesn’t fit.

Anyway, they took her out of the group in the beginning because she didn’t fit the group’s image, so I think they’ll just keep going as 5.

They should have shown her off first instead of that jerk. Why did they get rid of her?

She looks nice. Kim Garam isn’t as good as her.

I think they’ll look at the responses, and if they’re good, they’ll either add her to the group or send her to I-LAND. I don’t mind if she joins the group, since their original idea was to have six wings, right?

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