Netizens discuss how Lisa connects well with BLACKPINK’s choreography like a “flowing water”

K-Pop idols are expected to be perfect in every way, but most artists are known for one thing, like singing, rapping, or dancing.

Taking an idol’s skills into account helps the group decide what role they should play, but some lucky idols are good at everything.

Lisa of BLACKPINK has recently gotten attention for being a true all-arounder. She is most famous, though, for her amazing dancing skills.

On September 18, a post about Lisa began trending on Nate‘s community board Pann under the title, “MAIN DANCER LISA, WHO REPRESENTS BLACKPINK’S PRIDE?“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated stated that, “She makes everything she does look so easy. She could be dancing the hardest dance in the world and make it look like nothing. It’s crazy how it flows together with BLACKPINK‘s dance moves like water“.

Meanwhile, other netizens quickly responded with comments praising Lisa‘s all-arounder skills:

She’s freaking f*cking handsome.

From an outside perspective, she is the best main dancer among female idols.

She is seriously freaking cool.

Her skills are overflowing.

Even dancers say Lisa is the best female idol dancer. Ha.. she’s seriously so good. Her dancing is already good, but her moves and expressions are perfect.

I saw the whole video, and Lisa stood out so much. Her facial expressions were good too… Rose was also a better dancer than I had thought.

She’s not just good at dancing, she’s in a different dimension.

Lisa‘s dance is seriously on another level.

She is seriously good. Her arms and legs are long, but her power is awesome.

The other members are good, too, but Lisa’s chemistry with them is especially awesome…

She is f*cking good at dancing. Her body is also exceptional.

What are your thoughts on the post about Lisa?



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