Netizens defend IVE from body shaming comments over the claims “they all gained weight except Wonyoung and Gaeul”

K-Pop girl groups gaining weight has always been a touchy subject, and even though they may need to keep up a certain image, it shouldn’t be the main focus of a group.

A group of people online recently put up photos of the girl group IVE and talked about how some of the members had gained weight.

They went on to say that while other groups work hard to stay in shape, IVE is the only group that has gained this much weight.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “Liz has already put on some weight, and it’s not clear if it’s because of her or not, but Rei has put on so much weight that she no longer looks cute, and Yujin showed up with a lot of fat on her upper body?“.

The netizen continued, “When watching fancams, it looks like Wonyoung and Gaeul don’t gain weight, but the other four members seem to dance so slowly. Why doesn’t Starship control their weight gain like WJSN or SISTAR“.

The netizen also pointed out, “Even though they don’t say anything, fans are the ones who notice these things the most. I wish they would lose some weight before their fans leave the fandom. NewJeans snack on celery and carrots, but they also snack on bulgogi rice bowls and other fatty foods“.

The netizen then concluded the post by saying, “LE SSERAFIM works out often to stay strong, but IVE has gained so much weight in the year since they first came out. I really wish they’d lose some weight“.

The netizen who wrote the post also posted photos to back up their claim that they had gained weight.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments:

If you call this “severely gained weight,” does that mean you are all obese?

You’re the only one here, and you write the same kind of posts every day. Because of this, we can tell by the way you write… You’re older than them, shouldn’t that make you feel bad? Even though these kids are at least 15 years younger than you, you always act like you’re jealous of them, and you work so hard on those posts that I feel sorry for you.

I like it, but did you have to write the title that way?

False. Even if OP was a fan, we don’t need fans like you.

You mean like she put on weight?

You think that’s a face that’s gotten fat? If they really put on weight, they’d look like you, with a double chin, and their faces would be buried. But their faces are still pretty. ㅋㅋㅋ

What are your thoughts on the post about IVE?



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