Actor Kang Tae Oh Wasn’t Popular In His School Days, But Was Totally Handsome

Kang Tae Oh‘s high school photo looks good, and they were just posted online.

On September 16, Kang Tae Oh‘s high school yearbook photos were put on the Internet.

Kang Tae Oh wore his school uniform and had his hair cut neatly in the photos. He posed either seriously by himself or with his friends. The actor had the same great looks and body as he does now.

He was definitely one of the best-looking high school students in the area, because he had a look that would make him stand out anywhere.

In a past interview, Kang Tae Oh surprised everyone by saying that he wasn’t popular in school.

He said at the time, “Well, I went to a school for boys, so I wasn’t very popular, but I did hear things. A lot of people, it seems, were talking about me. A lot of people asked me out, and some even came to my school just to see me. So I did feel a little better about that, but“.

He laughed, then went on, “I wasn’t tall at all when I was in middle school. I was actually one of the short ones. Many people called me ‘the cute and pretty kid’. Everyone in the area called me by that ‘name’“.

Last week, photos of Kang Tae Oh‘s kindergarten and elementary school graduations were also posted online.

Most people thought he was incredibly handsome even when he was so young that it was unbelievable.

Fans started to doubt what he said before about not being popular. The things they all said were:

Honestly? I would have had a huge crush on you if I lived in that area!

Why would so many of them ask you out and come see you if you weren’t popular? That’s called being popular, oppa!

Wow, I totally would have liked you too! I mean, look at yourself again from that time. Why wouldn’t you?

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