Netizens Believe NCT’s Jaehyun Entered His “Legendary” Visual Phase After These Photos Emerged

According to netizens, NCT‘s Jaehyun has reached the peak of his visuals!

On September 16, NCT 127 recently had their comeback with “2 Baddies“. They also held a showcase in front of thousands of fans.

Netizens think that Jaehyun is always cute, but they think that one of his most recent looks is his best one yet.

In particular, the stunning looks he showed off at the showcase. Not only did he have great style, but he also had a lot of charisma from the way he performed and spoke to NCTzens.

Netizens also notice pictures of him in a suit, which shows that he is more comfortable expressing himself, which is hot.

I’ve always thought of him as a kid until recently, but now I’m starting to see him as a man,” writes one Netizen. Jaehyun has grown up and isn’t afraid to show how sexy he can be!

Other netizens also commented:

Why am I the only one getting older?

There was an LED sign that said, “The fans will buy you a Porsche, Jaehyun-ah.” He remembered it, so when he did his ment, he talked about it, but he said that he only needs the NCTzens and made a funny ment. People were going crazy around me.

Jaehyunie was looking for the banner from the person who would buy him a Porsche and said he was fine as long as he had NCTzens.

Stunningly good-looking.

The reactions to the MV were positive. He was, in fact, f*cking handsome.

All of the pictures that were released today were legendary.

Still Cute.

It was crazy in the standing area, and he jumped in because he thought the fans would fall.

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