Netizens speculate that BLACKPINK’s Jennie broke up with BTS’s V, after spotted looking disheartened at the airport

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was seen at the airport looking sad.

BLACKPINK left Incheon International Airport on September 15 for their schedule in the US. Except for Jennie, the members of BLACKPINK seemed as bright as usual.

As soon as Jennie got out of the van, she looked sad, which was very different from how she usually greets people and appears.

Even at the airport, she kept looking unhappy, and at one point, she tried to hide her face while Rosé asked her if she was okay.

The exact reason for her sad look is unknown, but netizens think that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie broke up with her rumored boyfriend, BTS’s V.

Other netizens commented:

Wow, are the people who leave comments here crazy…? I’m surprised that so many of those comments have been voted up.

When Kai dumped her before, she cried all night and was so puffy that she had to come out.

When Kai dumped Jennie before, she was on her knees in front of his house begging him not to. It looks like he dumped her again. She lost GD when she switched to V, but now she’s been dumped.

The boomerang came back to hit her.

Yeah, Jennie looks fine to me.

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