Crush Who Tease Fans With His Sensual Concept Photos Excites Everyone For His Much Awaited Comeback

Singer Crush raised expectations for a comeback with a sensual concept photo.

His agency P NATION released all concept photos of Crush’s new single ‘Rush Hour’ through the official SNS on September 14th.

First, Crush in his second concept photo attracted his attention with his humorous expression and rebellious eyes. 

In particular, his strong grillz and casually raised hairstyle also captured the hip charm.

In the third concept photo, a refined masculine beauty different from the previous photos stood out. 

Crush, matching a denim shirt with a leather suit, showed a modern and chic charm, and in the photo with an overfit long jacket, he boasted a unique aura with a faded vintage mood.

‘Rush Hour’ will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 22nd.


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