Ahn Yu Jin Revealed That IVE Members Made Her Burst Into Tears + Future Plans

Ahn Yu Jin expressed her gratitude to the members as IVE leader.

The magazine ‘Lofficiel YK Edition’ released an interview with Ahn Yu Jin‘s pictorials, which decorated the cover of the fall/winter issue on September 15th.

Ahn Yu Jin showed off her mature beauty by perfectly digesting her black and white outfits in this pictorial. 

In particular, her sensuous expression that fits her concept and her visuals are sophisticated and add to her luxurious atmosphere, drawing her attention.

In an interview following the photo shoot, Ahn Yu Jin confessed about her most rewarding moment as an IVE leader. 

She said, “My members said to me, ‘Thank you for taking good care of us and working hard for Ive’, and I was so moved that I burst into tears. Even when we took our first 1st place on an Ibro music show, I cried a lot as a leader, thanking my members,” she said, revealing her deep affection for her members.

Also, when asked how she would like to live in her 20s, she said, “I want to try more experiences. I wish I could reach a point and a moment that I don’t dare think about right now. I am afraid and worried a lot, so there are times when I limit myself and make judgments before something comes up, but I think we need to be bolder now. In the distant future, when I think of my 20s, I don’t want to have any regrets.”

IVE , to which Ahn Yu Jin belongs, has sold over 1.11 million copies in total with the third single ‘After LIKE’, released in August, and became a ‘million seller’, as well as recording all-kills on the domestic music charts, making it the ‘4th generation’. It is continuing its unstoppable upward trend as a ‘representative player’.

Ahn Yu Jin is active as a fashion, beauty, and food brand advertising model, as well as exuding her bizarre and lovely charm as the youngest through tvN’s ‘Pyongpong District Arcade’, which received her great love, as a ’emerging entertainment cheat’.



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