Here’s How Much BTS RM’s Entire Airport Look Costs

BTS RM showed off the best airport fashion ever.

The record was updated on Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS SHOW’, which aired on September 14th! The first and best K-pop top 5 rankings were released, and Classy Hyungseo, Hyejoo, and Boeun appeared as guest reporters.

Today’s record update! BTS RM climbed to 4th place in the best K-pop. 

BTS RM turned the departure route into a fashion show with airport fashion.

The gray training set airport fashion that RM showed off in September last year was a modest and comfortable fashion like the brother next door, but the hoodies and pants were made by the luxury company L.

Slippers are 131 million won. The bag costs 4.27 million won, and the carrot pouch costs 1.62 million won, and the price of two bags alone is 5.98 million won. 

Here, the watch, which is called the completion of men’s fashion, is a high-end brand P company’s product and is known for 106 million won.

RM’s modest airport fashion on this day was known to cost a whopping 116 million won from head to toe.



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