Netizens Swoon over BLACKPINK Rosé’s “Actress Vibes” at the Tiffany & Co. Event In Japan

At the “Tiffany & Co. 2022 Blue Book Botanica High Jewelry” event gala in Japan, BLACKPINK’s Rosé put on such a show that no one could believe their eyes.

Rosé is currently in Japan, and she wore a beautiful white dress to the event as the brand’s representative. She looked glamorous in a short dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a long train in the back.

As soon as she arrived, it was clear that she was the main attraction, and as fans took photos and videos of her, her real-life beauty went viral.

On September 13, a post about Rosé began trending on Nate‘s community board Pann under the title, “RIGHT NOW, ROSE’S SIGHTS AT THE EVENT“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “She is at Tiffany’s event right now, and those are the pictures as they were taken. She’s pretty as hell”.

Meanwhile, netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

It was crazy that Rose‘s jewelry was worth 3 billion won.

She really is pretty.

But why is Rose‘s hair like that? It looks like dog fur… And that color doesn’t look good on her.

Even though I don’t like her, she was the most beautiful thing ever today.

She looks like a transgender.

She’s the best.

She looked like an actress.

What are your thoughts on the post?



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