Netizens notice no empty seats on KEP1ER’s Japanese debut and they’re loving it  

KEP1ER  has become a hot topic because of the comments they received on their Japan debut.

On September 12, a post about KEP1ER began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title, “THE AUDIENCE SEAT IN THE KEP1ER SHOWCASE IS DAEBAK.“.

The netizen who posted said, “They made their debut in Japan yesterday and held a showcase.They will perform twice more today“.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Daebak, they were successful in Japan.

Looking at the venue, they can fill up to 9K seats, but they also opened up more seats and are doing their show three times, all of which have sold out, so that makes it at least 27K seats.

Look at them, they’re incredible…

There are quite a few people. The members must have been overjoyed.

Absolutely incredible…

What are your thoughts on KEP1ER ‘s Japanese debut?



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