Netizens are shocked at how small Jeno’s handsome face at “2022 New York Fashion Week”

NCT‘s Jeno stunned netizens with his handsome appearance at “New York Fashion Week“.

Jeno attended the “VOGUE WORLD” runway show on September 12, dressed in Peter Do, and sat in the front row alongside celebs such as Sabrina Carpenter.

The idol also posted photos from his first day at “New York Fashion Week” with front row companion Sabrina Carpenter, Jared Leto, Ellie Goulding, Dove Cameron, and others.

Fans have been showing photos of the idol on numerous online community forums and social networking sites. Fans are startled by how little his face is.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments such as:

Jeno-yah… why why why… Why didn’t you wear your clothes?

Congratulations for being handsome Jeno-yah..

New York Jeno made me die from illness…

Jeno, I love you.


His face is the size of a mouse’s booger…


Our Jeno..

He looks like a wax figure, for real.

Lee Jeno, I love you

Jeno has a daebak small face. His head is small all around. He has no space for a temple at all.


What do you think?



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