Netizens felt relieved after Park Bo Gum was seen at a different church

Park Bo Gum has always been a Christian supporter, and he often posts quotes about religion on social media.

A long time ago, Park Bo Gum got a lot of bad press for being said to support a religious cult.

He posted a tweet on Twitter inviting people to an event put on by the controversial “Jesus Centered Church“.

Netizens are angry that he is part of a church that is supposedly known as a cult.

On September 11, a post about Park Bo Gum began trending on TheQoo‘s community board under the title, “PARK BO GUM WHO APPEARS TO HAVE MOVED CHURCH?“.

In the post, the netizen shared a conversation between other netizens who have recently seen Park Bo Gum at different churches and are glad to see him.

“I went to the 7 o’clock service at Seobinggo Onnuri last week. And I saw Park Bo Gum.. On that familiar chair…
I find it so interesting that he came here for the Chuseok holiday.
Anyway, welcome to our church, Bogum-ah! We hope you’ll stay with us and come back often”
Lately, he’s been going to a different church. Someone I know saw him at church and told me.
Hul, so he left Cornerstone church, right?
What happened to the Cornerstone is a mystery to me… Some people said he was in Gangnam’s X Church.
Does Sean have the same computer? People said they all walked there.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments sharing their opinions:

He really left!! That’s a relief.

Really?????? Oh…. This is really great news. It was hard for me to go all “I love it” over him.

This was the only bad thing about him. It’s good that it’s over.

That’s a relief.

It’s good that he was able to get away.

Hul hul, I can love him now.

He is perfect now.

What a relief! Way to go on getting out of the cult.

His only bad thing went away.

He went there even before he joined the army.

What are your thoughts on the post about Park Bo Gum?

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