Fans are surprised to see AOA’s Hyejeong & Kwon Mina hanging out together

Former member Kwon Mina, who claimed she was bullied during her time with AOA, displayed her closeness with AOA‘s Hyejeong.

On September 11th, Kwon Mina shared a photo of her with the caption “Hye Dong-dong” on her personal Instagram.

There was a pleasant two-shot with Hyejeong in the snap, taking her spotlight. The two were facing one another and smiling heartily.

Fans responded with “I’m really surprised“, “Oh my gosh“, “I still love you on Line 93“, “I’m so pleased that the two of you became friends. We will respect and support you“, “It’s a true friendship touch“, and “I hope you two continue to get along well“.

During her AOA days, Kwon Mina was allegedly bullied inside her team, and she identified Jimin as the perpetrator.

In response, Jimin left AOA and announced her retirement, only to return two years later.



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