Netizen Debate Over Which Group Have The Best “Bermuda Triangle” Visual Lines Among 4th Gen Girl Groups

4th Gen Girl groups are known to have gorgeously perfect visuals so netizens are on a debate on which group has the best “Bermuda Triangle” visual lines.

On September 9, a post about 4th Gen girl group “Bermuda Triangle” began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title, “WHICH 4TH GENERATION BERMUDA LINE DO YOU PREFER?“.

The netizen who posted said, “For me, it’s IVE“.

The netizen then added, “Aespa doesn’t have many members, so I put 2”

Finally, the netizen said, “NewJeans are pretty too”.

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

NMIXX! But, in my opinion, the true Bermuda would be Jinni, Sullyoon, and Jiwoo. The images you chose are particularly lovely.



Rather than a Bermuda, the visual harmony of NewJeans’ entire group is excellent.

Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Jang Wonyoung, and Ahn Yujin were all in the same group. The visuals of the Izone members are f*cking insane and freaking beautiful.

I don’t believe IVE’s Leeseo should be in Bermuda… Isn’t it only AhnYoungz?



Who do you think is the group with the best “Bermuda Triangle” visual lines?



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