Fans’ Eyes Were Wide Open When Kwon Eun Bi Confidently Exposed Her Upper Chest

This isn’t an under-boop, it’s almost an over-boop, right?

Kwon Eun Bi, a former member of the group IZ*ONE, shared her dizzying current situation.

Kwon Eun Bi posted several photos on her Instagram with the words “Light”.

In the published photo, Kwon Eun Bi proudly wore an unconventional top that revealed her chest line.

She boldly exposed her upper chest, confidently emphasizing her sense of volume.

Fans who saw this photo commented, “Was it this much glamor?” “The legs are too long. It’s the golden ratio,” .

Meanwhile, Kwon Eun Bi will hold her first solo fan meeting in Japan at 3 pm and 7 pm on October 30 at Merpark in Osaka, and 2 pm and 6 pm on November 3 at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo.



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