Dawn Who Fell in Inlove With Jen And Left HyunA With Jealously Invoked Sea Of Laughter To The Viewers

Dawn fell in love with Jen.

On the September 9th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereafter referred to as Shdol), the couple HyunA and Dawn, who are taking care of Sayuri’s son Zen, were revealed.

On this day, HyunA revealed the reason for her appearance, saying, “I didn’t originally think of coming out, but Dawn liked Zen so much that I wanted to meet her.”

As expected, Dawn fell in love with Jen’s charm.

 Dawn was delighted, saying, “I think she would be very pretty if she had a daughter,”

HyunA revealed, “It’s bad for me too,” causing laughter. 



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