Actress Kim Bo Yoon surprised by Kim Yoo Jung still recognizes her after 11 years at “Young Actors’ Retreat”

Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Bo Yoon reunited after 11 years.

On September 9th episode of TVing’s original “Young Actors’ Retreat”, actors Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Bo Yoon, who met after 11 years and recognized each other, were drawn.

On this day, with all the team members gathered at Boryeong Base Camp, Kim Yoo Jung approached Kim Bo Yoon and asked, “Do you remember me?”.

At this, Kim Bo Yoon said, “I didn’t know you would remember me,” and was surprised, and Kim Yoo Jung said, “Of course I remember”.

Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Bo Yoon have a connection with each other when they made a short film together 11 years ago.

At the time, 13-year-old Kim Yoo Jung worked as a director of a short film, and 11-year-old Kim Bo Yoon appeared as a child actor. After 11 years, they met again on “Young Actors’ Retreat”.

Impressed by this, Kim Yoo Jung told her colleague Ji Ji Hyoon at her dormitory, “She came first and was surprised because she remembered it”, and could not calm her excitement.



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