Couple HyunA And Dawn Channels Mother And Father Instinct In Taking Care Of A Child In A Korean Reality Show

Hyuna and Dawn, a 6-year-old couple, meet Jen and spend a picturesque happy time, from sliding on a slide to a street ice cream mukbang.

KBS 2TV’s ‘The Return of Superman’ (abbreviated as ‘Shodol’), aired on September 9th, is decorated with ‘You who is bright like the full moon’. 

On this day, Jen meets Hyuna and Dawn on behalf of her mother Sayuri, who went to her meeting. Hyuna and Dawn usually prove that they are fans because of their interest in Zen, and they spend a happy time with Zen.

In the still cut released by the production team, Jen radiates an angelic smile and enjoys the slide with DawnDawn goes for a walk with Jen and falls into the loop of endless repetition of the slide. As Jen’s laughter grew louder, she said that Dawn’s sweat grew bigger.

 Even Dawn, who claims to be suffering from Jen, puts her tongue around Jen’s extraordinary energy as a ‘super baby’.

Next, Jen goes on a ‘street ice cream mukbang’ like a watercolor painting with Hyuna and Dawn. The newlyweds of those who do not have a separate pictorial show a happy smile. 

Jen steals Hyuna’s Ike Threm, and she gives her ice cream to her Hyuna to activate her playfulness, raising expectations for the loving meeting of those who became her affectionate friends.

Next, Jen and Dawn catch the eye with a similar-looking decalcomani corn mukbang. Jen is obsessed with her corn mukbang with her corn the size of her own face in her one hand. 

Dawn also has the same yellow hair as her Jen, eating corn, and at first glance, it exudes warmth in the atmosphere between her father and son. 

It is said that Jen, a corn lover of hers, made her pouty expression while looking at her Dawn eating her own corn, bringing out the cuteness of her timid antagonism.

During the meaningful time spent with Jen, Hyuna said, “Every moment was so pretty. It felt like I couldn’t ask for more.”

The attention is focused on the day of Hyuna and Dawn, who did their best.



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