Koreans Chose BTS Jimin As The Male Celebrity Who Looks Best In Wearing Hanbok And The Photos Will Explain Why

BTS Jimin ranked No. 1 as the star who looks best with the Chuseok holiday hanbok.

Jimin ranked first in the ‘Star that suits the Chuseok holiday best in Hanbok’, which was conducted by 7 Edu, a math education company, in a poll of 2,377 people from August 10 to September 5.

Following Jimin (1357 people, 57.1%), Park Bo-gum (443 people, 18.46%) took second place, followed by Kang Daniel (306 people, 12.9%) and Lee Seunggi (139 people, 5.8%) 3 and 4, respectively. took the top.

Jimin, who was chosen as the star that best suits Chuseok holiday hanbok, is the main dancer and lead vocalist of the team with his unique beautiful voice as well as his dance skills at Busan Arts High School and the first to enter the school as a senior.

Jimin performed his fan dance performance at the ‘2018 Melon Music Awards’, and even on a short stage of just over a minute, it collected a lot of attention enough to rank first in search queries on portal sites, and received a plaque of appreciation from the Kim Baek-bong Fan Dance Preservation Society, No. 3 Intangible Cultural Property of South Pyeongan Province.

At that time, the hanbok worn by Jimin received tremendous attention both at home and abroad, and decorated the cover of ‘Weekly Gongam (No. 496)’, a weekly Korean policy information magazine issued by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2019. It was exhibited in the commemorative exhibition of the ‘Spring Hanbok Culture Week’.

Jimin’s hanbok worn on the stage of ‘IDOL’ held in front of Geunjeongjeon Hall in Gyeongbokgung Palace in 2020 was scheduled to be auctioned online through My Art Auction, an antique art auction house, and the news drew global attention to the point that the server of the auction site was paralyzed.

Jimin’s hanbok, which was also exhibited at My Art Auction House, is currently on display at the Chuncheon Raviebel Country Club and can be viewed for free.

With global popularity and unimaginable ripple effect, Jimin is recognized for his contribution to introducing our own traditional cultures such as traditional dance, food, and Hangeul to the world, and the aesthetic value of hanbok to the world. ‘ has earned its reputation.



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