Honey Lee Spill Her Night Skincare Routine Tips For Soft Skin

Actress Honey Lee announced her recent situation after giving birth.

On September 7th, on Marie Claire’s official YouTube channel, “‘Hey hello everyone~ Do you know who I am?’ A video titled “Pop Quiz of Honey Lee, the pronoun of healthy beauty,” was uploaded.

Honey Lee, who appeared in the video, opened her mouth saying, “I will start the Marie Claire pop quiz from now on.” First of all, when asked, ‘If you could recommend one favorite food to eat for health?’, Honey Lee chose ‘honey’ and said, “I eat honey and apply it. My close yoga teacher’s parents do beekeeping. The fortress has reduced the number of bees so much that I couldn’t live last year because I couldn’t harvest.”

Next, Honey Lee said about her skincare secrets, “I especially like to make it soft when I sleep. I apply oil serum and then serum.”

Regarding ‘the biggest laugh recently, he said, “I had a baby a while ago. A man came out of my stomach.” She said, “When he smiles, he smiles very loudly. He can’t laugh out loud yet, but even a little laugh makes me laugh out loud. “

Finally, she said, “I am doing whatever I have time for” and added, “I have to recover my body, so I’m not in a hurry, but I try to do it diligently every day.” He mentioned ballet, Pilates, and strength training.



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