Korean Netizens Think That BTS Should Not Be Exempted From Military Enlistment

BTS has become a hot topic because of the comments they received on their military enlistment status.

On September 7, a critical post about BTS began trending on theqooo‘ community board under the title, “54% Of Citizens “Believe BTS Should Serve”… 73% Of 20-Year-Olds Seem to be “Against Special Exemption“.

The netizen who posted said, “According to the most recent public poll, 54% believe that BTS should not be excluded from military training“.

The netizens added, “Following the previous polls, another media outlet, Straight News, decided to run a public poll on BTS’s exemption from mandatory military service. Jowon CNI, a consulting firm, conducted a survey of 1001 people on September 4th. 40.1% of respondents supported giving BTS a special military exemption, while 54.1% opposed the exemption.

The netizen also said, “Gender-wise, 50.3% of those who voted against by the exemption were women, while 58.1% were men. According to age, 73.2% of those in their twenties voted against the exemption, followed by those in their thirties (60.4%), forties (49.4%), fifties (48.3%), and sixty and up (47.5%).

Finally, the netizen said, “This survey’s standard error is 95%, and the standard deviation is 3.1%p.”

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Whether Bangtan enlists or not, it will have no effect on your bias’ fandom, so stop frothing at the mouth.

But they are already getting special treatment by not joining the military even at their age, which is why people are skeptical of the exemption.

Articles like this are published on a daily basis, so it’s strange that they’re still so quiet. Unless they truly desire exemption, they should simply issue a statement threatening to call in the military to shut everyone down. In this case, I don’t believe the public’s mood will deteriorate… despite the fact that I know they’ll handle it themselves.

Are they still refusing to go in case they are exempted?

We wouldn’t be having this conversation if they said they wanted to go. The truth that they are trying to drag this out is simply unacceptable.

What are they up to these days, babes? I believe it is sufficient for them to enlist right away. People will stop expressing their desire for them to leave.

But isn’t this self-evident?

They have already received the special exemption.

Can’t they just say nothing? Why should they say anything? There is still time. F*cking funny. Are you going to be even worse if Bangtan stays silent?

They have a lineman from 1992 on the team. When all the other celebrities who are 92 liners have already served, saying “they’ll go when the time comes” is just funny.

It’s not like they’re violating the law by refusing to enlist. I hope these polls come to an end.

Even having taken quite so much time as possible to avoid enlistment is uncool.

I sincerely hope they enlist. If they don’t, they’ll get a lot of flak…

Simply enlist as soon as possible so that people could indeed stop talking about it.

Jin-hyung-ah, you’re in serious trouble.

What are your thoughts on BTS military enlistment?



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