Gong Hyo Jin Sends Netizens Into Meltdown After Giving A Glimpse Of Her Shoulder Tattoo

Actress Gong Hyo Jin sold her feet with her best friend and squandered cash.

Gong Hyo Jin posted a photo on her Instagram story on September 7th, saying, “The weather in Seoul is so sunny, I check every station to see if I’m riding right.”

Gong Hyo Jin went to the market with her best friend in the published photo. 

While she was very surprised that a top star travels on a bus, Gong Hyo Jin showed a familiar expression and appearance on the bus.

Gong Hyo Jin, who matched her black sleeveless jeans with jeans, also revealed a large tattoo on her shoulder.

The place where Gong Hyo Jin arrived was a market.

Gong Hyo Jin, who said, “I want to go buy yarn again because it’s getting cooler,” raised expectations about what she would create while purchasing yarn in a market where even a celebrity DC would not be able to. 

Gong Hyo Jin, who is eating at a restaurant in the market, said, “I wasted my money,” and made her laugh.

Meanwhile, Gong Hyo Jin is getting married to singer Kevin Oh in October.



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