Netizens Are Worried For Han So Hee After Seeing Bruises On Her Arm In Recent Instagram Update

Han So Hee, who recently hurt her face while filming a drama, showed off her face without any scars.

Han So Hee put videos and photos she took at a photo set on her own Instagram on September 4.

Han So Hee is making a pose in a long black dress. She looks like a classic beauty with her pure white skin and black dress.

Last month, Han So Hee hurt her face around her eyes while working on the drama “Gyeongseong Creature“.

Luckily, you can’t really see the scars around her eyes. But, fans are worried because she has a bruise on the underside of her elbow.

While filming “Gyeongseong Creature“, Han So Hee got serious facial injury around her eyes.

After her treatment, Han So Hee went back to work on “Gyeongseong Creature“.



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