Netizens React to NewJeans, IVE and BLACKPINK Went Head-To-Head In An Intense Battle on This Week’s MBC “Music Core”

On MBC‘s weekly “Music Core” chart, NewJeans, IVE, and BLACKPINK all competed for the #1 spot.

NewJeans and BLACKPINK are still in the running for the show’s charts. They went up against girl group IVE, who started their promotion last week with “After Like.”

With this latest win, “IVE” now has 4 overall music show wins.

Meanwhile, netizens can’t help but amazed by how tough the competition with girl groups nowadays along with monster rookies like IVE and NewJeans.

On September 3, a post about began trending on TheQoo‘s community board under the title, “TODAY, MUSIC CORE’S #1“.

The netizen who wrote the post posted photos with the calculations on the results showing the close fight between NewJeans, IVE, and BLACKPINK.

Other netizens joined the online community and commented:

Is it because they are female idols? All of their digital scores are so high Congratulations, IVE!

Really, IVE are all the rage.

Yoohoo~ The song by BLACKPINK is also good.

The first time I heard IVE‘s song, it was good, but the members are still so young, but they’re a lot better than I thought they’d be. Congratulations on being number one!

I like it when groups of girls get together like that.

Congratulations, IVE, you’ve been doing so well lately.

It’s a great song. Even though NewJeans‘ promotions are over, they are still nominated, so they are also the big trend right now. I love both NewJeans and IVE.


Now, IVE are really big stars. In all honesty, the fact that they are almost as popular as BLACKPINK on digital charts shows that a new generation is coming up. The big trends of the 4th generation are already NewJeans.

I could have made a case for anyone on the list to win. This is really great. IVE congrats!

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