Korean netizens wonder what happened to STAYC as they were expected to be the “IT” girl group after “ASAP”

Even before their debut, STAYC gained a lot of attention. When they released their debut track, “ASAP“, they were expected to be the next “IT” girl group as they received so much attention and love from the public.

However, netizens stated that they have disappointed, and the results show that with their most recent comebacks.

In fact, STAYC‘s latest track, “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER“, has not performed well and was unable to chart past rank 60 on the MelOn music site after it was released. The song peaked in the 40’s range several days after the release.

One netizen started a discussion in an online community as to why the girl group is not anymore living up to the hype as what they received during the start of their career.

The netizen explained, “How did they turn out this way? When they did ASAP, I thought they would be at the top of the 4th generation with Aespa“.

Other netizens joined the online community and commented:

I think they could get back on track if they got rid of all their ideas and just did something PRETTY!!!! and made Yoon and J the center of their visuals. No bangs, no short hair, and no different hair colors.

The middle-agency smell is just too strong… Please start by changing your coordi.

Even Momoland, with just “Boom Boom“, they hit super daebak.

Their hair, makeup, and outfits are terrible, but their voices hurt my ears when I listen to their songs, so I don’t really listen to them.

What about stopping pushing Yoon and starting to push J and Isa instead? When pushed as a main, there are too many different opinions about Yoon. I think it would be fine for J to be the main visual and for Sieun and Isa to sing the chorus.

Before ASAP, their songs were fine, but after that, they were just boring. They sing in a bad way, and Yoon always messes up the high notes in the chorus. I want them to stop.

I also thought they were fine but their songs and concepts are…ㅜㅜ Ever since IVE and NewJeans appeared, I haven’t thought of STAYC at all…

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