Yuna And Jisoo Resemble Each Other And May Pass Of As Twin Sisters In Their Latest Pictorial

The second pictorial of the body profile of Yuna from AOA and Jisoo from Tahiti was released.

In the published photo, Yuna and Jisoo showed off their strong bodies with a Pilates look.

Yuna and Jisoo matched the outfit with a similar design to the short hair styling, creating a sister look and perfectly digesting it.

In another photo, Yuna and Jisoo were wearing orange swimsuits and attracted attention with their perfect visuals.

As Yuna and Jisoo are from a girl group, they showed off their charms at the shooting site with various expressions and sensual poses.

In an interview with the Taylor Project that followed, Yuna and Jisoo said, “There is something in common while we were in a girl group, but we became close through Pilates.”.

The Taylor Project, who conducted this pictorial said, “In the first pictorial, it was not a standardized body concept, but Yuna and Jisoo on stage. worked,”.

More pictorials and interviews of Yuna and Jisoo can be found through Taylor Project’s SNS.



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