What Netizens Truly Feel About IVE Jang Won Young’s Baby Hair “Tweety bang”

“The baby hair perm that’s a trend lately”

IVE Jang Won Young has become a hot topic because of the comments she received on her tweety bangs photos.

On September 2, a post about Jang Won Young began trending on Teens Stories‘ community board under the title, “TWEETY BANG BY JANG WON YOUNG IS SLOWLY BECOMING A TREND.”

The netizen who posted said, “I thought it looked strange at first, but the longer I stared at it, the cuter and lovelier it became.“

“#Tweety bang”
“Doing Jang Wonyoung’s Tweety bang”
“#Jang Wonyoung’s Tweety bang”
“Jang Wonyoung came up with the name herself”
“The new hairstyle from the top girl group”
“”Tweety bang” style”
“Tweety bang that became hot after Jang Wonyoung did it”
“Tweety bang that became hot after Jang Wonyoung did it”

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Before Jang Wonyoung made this popular, it was just known as a baby hair perm.

If a regular person tried it, they’d just appear homeless; but, because it’s Jang Wonyoung, it looks good.

“Baby hair Tweety bang”

Baby hair perm had already become a thing, but Jang Wonyoung made this hairstyle her own by making the baby hair maybe just shorter.

It has nothing to do with copying Jang Wonyoung; it’s already famous. The date of this video is April.

This makes it sound like mediaplay, and it’s not even pretty.

Jang Wonyoung is not the one who started this trend. I’ve seen it a lot on my Instagram feed, but it’s relatively uncommon for someone to look good in it.

What are your thoughts on Jang Won Young’s tweety bang?



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