IVE Jang Won Young’s Braided Blonde Hair Broke The Internet

IVE Jang Won Young has become a hot topic because of the comments she received on some of her solo photos showing her braided hair.

On September 2, a critical post about Jang Won Young began trending on theqoo‘ community board under the title, “JANG WONYOUNG IS WEARING MIU MIU WITH BRAIDS TODAY.“

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Oh, for 3 seconds, I recognize Hong Youngki in her…

She looks so young in the photos taken with her phone camera. She didn’t lose any of her baby fat.

The more I look at her bangs, the cuter they appear. I think I understand why fans dislike her brows. Cos of her baby fat, she still looks like a baby, but she’s too pretty and cute.

What about her bangs? Her brows???

Her baby bangs are ridiculously adorable…

I was astounded by how thin and lengthy her legs were…. Miu Miu appears to be “too much” fashion, but it is ideal for Wonyoungie.

I’m not a fan, and this is my first time commenting on an idol’s photo… She’s simply too lovely.

She truly is a goddess. In my opinion, she is the best female idol. But where is her makeup counter? Why really do they do her brows that way…

Her face is idol-like, and yet her body is just too skinny.

Wonyoung is insanely beautiful.

What are your thoughts on Won Young‘s braided hair?



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