Netizens’ Comment On Lack Of Aespa Promotion + Postponed Comeback

Aespa has become a hot topic because of the comments they received on their recent video call with fans.

On September 2, a post about Aespa began trending on instiz‘ community board under the title, “Aespa Giselle’s hateful remarks are incredibly severe“.

The netizen who posted said, “They did talk about it today in a video conference with a supporter who asked. They stated that they were scheduled to come back again this year, but that it won’t happen until next year.“

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

I honestly have no idea what the hell happens on inside SM.

They said that it was the company that pushed it. I want to murder them because they’re new and can only make one comeback a year.

If they had come back this year, it would have had to be in November or December due to the World Cup. It’s so so… Ha! At about this rate, they shouldn’t have put out Girls at all; give us more ads This is really, really annoying.

Don’t they still have to start over? Their terms for coming back are way too long.

Since Next Level did so well, they should have been pushed all the time since then.

Why does SM always fight back in this way? Are there any SM teams that have never been late?

Huh? They are new and only make one comeback a year? Even YG’s newcomers didn’t have that, with the exception of Winner.

So, just because you work for a big company doesn’t mean you’re a good worker.

Today, this is happening to half of SM’s artists.

Seriously, what’s going on with SM these days? There was something?

What are your thoughts on Aespa’s delayed comeback?



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